WEET Strong MLCC Multilayer Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors CA55 SMD Polymer and CA45 Standard Chip Tantalum Capacitor

Date: 2022-11-17
WEET General WTC purpose series chip capacitive ceramic capacitors

High frequency: capacitors made of such dielectric materials are Class I capacitors, including general-purpose high-frequency COG, COH capacitors and temperature compensated high-frequency capacitors. Their capacities change with temperature, and are suitable for low loss and temperature compensated circuits; X7R, X5R, X7S, X6S: Capacitors made of such dielectric materials are Class II capacitors with high dielectric constant, which are suitable for circuits with wide capacity range and low stability requirements; Y5V: both are Class II capacitors, which have the largest dielectric constant of all capacitors, and are suitable for circuits requiring large capacity and little temperature change; Z5U: both Class II capacitors, with temperature characteristics between X7R and Y5V, are applicable to bypass, coupling and other circuits with low DC bias that require large capacity and use temperature range close to room temperature.



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