WEET WFK MMKP82 Box Type Double Sided Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

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WEET WFK MMKP82 Box Type Double Sided Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

Double sided meatallized polypropylene structure. Low loss and small inherent temperature rise

Negative temperature coefficient of capacitance. Excellent active and passive flame resistant circuit

Widely used in high voltage, high frequency and pulse circuit

Lamp capacitor for electronic ballast compact lamps, SNUBBER and SCR commuting circuits

Detailed Specifications

Reference Standard GB/T 10190(IEC 60384-16)
Climatic Category 40/105/56
Rated Temperature Range
85℃ for VR(DC); 75℃ for VR(AC)
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~105℃
(+85℃ to +105℃: decreasing factor 1.25% per ℃ for VR (DC))
(+75℃ to +105℃: decreasing factor 1.25% per ℃ for VR (AC))
Rated Voltage 250V, 400V, 630V, 1000V, 1600V, 2000V
Capacitance Range 0.00022uF~3.9uF
Capacitance Tolerance ±2%(G), ±3%(H), ±5%(J), ±10%(K), ±20%(M)
Voltage Proof 1.60UR (5S)
Dissipation Factor ≦0.0010 (1KHz,20℃)
Insulation Resistance ≧50 000MΩ  CR≦0.33uF ((20℃,100V,1min)
≧1 5000S CR>0.33uF ((20℃,100V,1min)

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Main Applications

MMKP82 capacitor is mainly used in high-voltage and high-frequency pulse circuits, such as LED power supply, high-power stage lighting power supply, induction heating power supply, inverter power supply, welding machine power supply, high-frequency heater, LC resonance absorption, coupling, isolation, filtering or DC ink in high current and high pulse lines, and ultrasonic mask circuit.

MMKP82 capacitor mainly adopts imported double coating metallized polypropylene film material. The advantage of this film is that the film is evaporated on both sides. The volume of the capacitor will be smaller than that of CBB81 capacitor, so the installation will not occupy too much space. It must be produced by special winding equipment process (ordinary capacitor winding equipment cannot be used, but can only buy more expensive and advanced winding equipment). MMKP82 capacitor has the characteristics of accurate capacity, very low loss, high voltage resistance, high current and so on.

Compared with the ordinary CBB capacitor, mmkp82 capacitor has small loss and small internal temperature rise; Able to withstand high current and high voltage; It has the characteristics of low self inductance, high stability and self-healing. At the same time, its outgoing terminal bears greater torsional torque and minimizes ESR and ESL, so its performance is better than the traditional CBB81 capacitor.

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